Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic display cases can help a store display items in a case that is made out of light weight acrylic. What makes an acrylic case so convenient is the fact that you can move the cases around easily since they are so light. Acrylic displays are usually used for counter top displays as they can be positioned easily and can provide an unobstructed view to customers without worrying about a glass display that can shatter if its dropped. Acrylic cases can be a great way to show off product to customers and save a little money doing so.

Angled Front Case With Shelves

The angled front case gives you a great display to put on your counter for customers to see. The two shelves inside are transparent giving you a focus on whatever you have on display on either shelf. The only downside to the display case is the back is transparent which can take away from any lighting that you put inside the case, you can remedy this issue easily by covering the back with colored poster board. This case is usually around 120 dollars brand new, and is a great deal for the money.

Hinged Door Case With 2 Shelves

Display cases with doors can be a great way to show off items around the store, but it can be hard to position cases around the store due to space constraints. What makes an acrylic case to great is that since it’s light weight you can easily hang it from a wall and not have to worry about it being to heavy to hold for good. If by some chance your acrylic case does fall, it won’t shatter like a glass case would. An acrylic case with hinged doors would allow you to display items away from the counter practically anywhere in the store by using a lock and key method for security.

Rotating Octagon Display Case

A rotating display case can show several different items and give the customer a way to check out product on their own. A rotating display case works really well as a counter display to show off higher priced items to customers. For example if you sell watches, its a great idea to put the top dollar watches in this display case on your counter since its able to be rotated and would be at eye level for easy viewing.


Acrylic display cases are a great way to display items in your store at a reasonable price while not looking cheap. Acrylic cases are much more versatile since you can hang them easily and put them on counter tops for customers to interact with. Using these cases will make your store more accessible and professional looking.

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